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Thu, 6th Jan 2005
Fri, 31st Oct 2003
The Hopetoun Hotel
Thu, 9th Oct 2003
Sat, 20th Sep 2003
The Fishy Pub
Fri, 28th Feb 2003
The Espy
Wed, 15th Jan 2003
Fishy Pub

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Latest News...

Sun, 1st Nov 2009  Gavin Reunion Gig!
Who's coming to the secret reunion gig next week?

Thu, 1st Nov 2007  The site is back yet again again!!
I just can't get enough of resurrecting this baby. I have even added a few more mp3s for you all to rip and add to your ipods ;)

Tue, 6th Dec 2005  Anyone who has photos
If anyone out there has any photos or videos of Gavin which are not on the site at the moment, it would be great if you could contact us via the contact page so we can organise to get some copies from you :) Thanks in advance Gavin

Sat, 3rd Dec 2005  The site is back yet again!
The good luck just keeps getting thrown our way with another hard drive being lost on the gav-NET server. Luckily we had back ups and everything is running at full speed again.

Wed, 1st Dec 2004  Gavin live at Revolver!!!
Come and catch the guys at a special reunion show at Revolver on Thursday the 6th of January. The band kick off at 10pm but get there early to catch the other fine acts and to have a few drinks with the Gavsters ;) Hope to see you there!

Sat, 1st Nov 2003  TIME TO ROCK YA SOCKS OFF!!!!
That's right ladies and gents! Rumour has it that those legendary Gods of Rock GAVIN will be playing some special once off shows in late December, early January!! All I can reveal at this stage is that it is going to involve the having of some damn good times with plenty of grog and Rock n Roll!! Keep your eyes on this site for more details to come shortly..............

Sat, 1st Nov 2003  Welcome back! ;)
It's taken some time but I have managed to get our URL back! If you are an old Gavin fan, check back ober the next few weeks as I will be adding some old videos and mp3s to the downloads section. By the way if anyone is still interested in grabbing a copy of any of the gavin EPs, just hit me up via the email address on the contacts page - we will sort someting out. Anyway Regards Brett

Wed, 3rd Dec 2003  New pictures
I have added some pictures which I just found from Trav's last gig with the band. They were taken at The Espy in November 2002. It was a pretty cool gig. Enjoy!

Thu, 31st Oct 2002  Laundry Time!
I think it would be fair to say that Thursday nite at Fitzroy's 'Laundry' was a success. We had a great time and would like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who made the effort to come out and watch us on the miserable cold and wet night that it was. And more thanks to Midnight Swim and Degrees K for having us along for the ride! These are two awesome bands so get out and see them both while they are in town.

(Check out Neil Wedd's review of the night here)...

Mon, 9th Dec 2002  Fishy Pub Rocks On!!
I thought I had better let you know that the Fishy Pub gig went off its head!
gavin pulled off a solid set for their first show in months and the first ever performance with the new line-up. They got the crowd primed and ready for some serious ass-shaking, binge drinking mayhem with The Cants, whom played a thoroughly enjoyable set for their single launch. Anyway thanks goes out to The Fishy Pub and The Cants for asking us to be involved in such a great night!!
(Check out the reviewand the pics).

And Welcome Back gavin!!!

older news...

Who are these Gavin people you keep going on about???!?

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