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The story began back in 1996 when 3 high school friends joined to become what is now known as 'Gavin'. After 6 years of practise, 100's of shows, two new members and numerous recordings, Gavin have begun to build themselves a name in Melbourne and the National music scene. Gavin's success is rooted in the perfect blend of strong melodies, interesting arrangements and an insatiable taste for loud guitar rock. Their clever use of the classic twin guitar sound combined with their captivating live show and 2 great recordings add up to a good package.

Gavin have built a strong following and regularly pull large crowds both in Melbourne and rural venues, they were selected by WAMI to be a part of the KISS MY WAMI Festival in 2000, and were nominated as "Best New Australian Live Act" in the 2000 Australian Live Music Awards. Their regular radio interviews and live-to-air performances including an appearance on Channel-V are helping to promote the band to a wide audience. Recent shows at The Esplanade in St Kilda have provided rave-reviews and the band is currently demoing new tracks for a new studio release slated for late 2003

A Tale of Two Cities (2000), and in particular the first track "Orange Slime", received glowing reviews and radio airplay on both Triple J and public radio stations around the country. "Orange Slime" was included on the "Push, Play, Record" and "Kiss My WAMI" compilation CDs.

Gavin's self-titled EP (2002) is a testament to indie guitar rock. A combination of infectious vocal melodies and eclectic guitar licks. A 3 minute pop song never sounded so good.

Gavin are:
Brett: Vocals, Guitar
Pete: Drums
Tim: Guitar
Rocky: Bass

Contact Details:
Phone: brett on 0422 634 269 - Gavin's web site contains up to date information, MP3s & videos, news, and other things of interest related to the band.