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"A Tale of Two Cities"

  • Recorded October 1999 at Thunderbox Studios
  • Recorded & Produced by Peter "Reggie" Bowman and Gavin
  • Mastered at Studios 301 by Oscar Gaona
  • Released in January 2000
  • 500 copies sold.
  • Artwork by Gru & "Fast" Eddy Garay

Trav pretends to be doing something technical

Reggie's pride & joy

A Tale of Two Cities was recorded over 3 days in late October 1999. Working with Reggie was a very new experience for us, none of us ever having worked with a professional producer before. The recording process was fast-paced but great fun and I think the quality of the CD reflects this. We can't thank Reggie (or Bloaky) enough for giving us the opportunity to record this disc.

Little known facts..

  • The last track "Secret Things" was included at the last minute (replacing "The Green Children"). It had only been written a few weeks before hand and had never been performed live.
  • This CD includes the 3rd reworking of the track Jellybeans and Icecreams (this time called Jellybeans).
  • The awesome guitar sound on Matthew was Duff's Maton accoustic run through a Marshall JCM800.
The "Orange Slime" story..
A copy of "A Tale.." somehow found its way into Richard Kingsmill's office (but I can't remember the rest of the story.....FINISH THIS...). Pete had sent the CD into The Push when they put out requests for tracks to be included on the 2000 Push, Play, Record compilation. We'd actually forgotten all about it when we got a call from them telling us that we'd been included on the CD. Imagine our surprise when they told us that we were also being flown (all expenses paid) to Perth to do some shows for the WAMI!
Gavin go online..
About mid-way through 2000 Gavin launched the first GavNET. 2000 was a crazy time for everyone and in the midst of the Napster craze it was decided to make "A Tale of Two Cities" MP3's available for download. The decision paid off with over 500 direct downloads of various Gavin MP3s in less than the first year. It also opened up new avenues for the band with people from around world now switching on to Gavin :)

The boys work a few things out with Reggie

the great bloaky

foldout from A Tale...