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Gavin (2002)

Both Gavin's sound and songs have matured a lot since "A Tale..." and the self- titled CD - "Gavin" is a testament to both their hard work, talent and general ability to rock.
From the catchy melodies of Play to Lose to the rock anthem of Wednesday this CD is as close to the power of the Gavin live show as something that is almost as good as something else.
But enough of the self-serving cliches...
It has been a long time coming and its out now! For more info and details on how & where you can purchase this pillar of rock majesty click right here...

1. Play To Lose
2. Wednesday
3. T
4. Run Away
5. 3m33s
Kiss my WAMI (2000)

Orange Slime was also included on the 2000 Kiss my WAMI compilation put out by WAMI (West Australian Music Industry)

Push, Play, Record (2000)

Orange Slime was included on the 2000 Push, Play, Record compilation put out by The Push

the pornlite sessions (2000 - 2001)

While touring "A Tale of Two Cities" and preparing for a new release Gavin spent some time demoing songs at the burgeoning Pornlite Studios. These recordings have as yet never been released, though a number of them are available for download from this web site. Recorded over the period of almost a year whenever there was a spare moment, the quality of these tracks varies greatly, but what do you want for nothing??
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a tale of two cities (2000)
After the addition of 2nd guitarist Jason Gavin returned to the studio in October 1999 to record "A Tale of Two Cities" with producer Peter "Reggie" Bowman.
Though it was rushed through in only 3 days the quality was fantastic. The lead track "Orange Slime" received quite a bit of radio play and found its way on to a number of compilation CDs around Australia.
A Tale of Two Cities was mastered by Oscar Gaona at Studio 301, artwork was by Gavin and "Fast" Eddie Garay.
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1. Orange Slime
2. Matthew
3. A Tale of Two Cities
4. Jellybeans
5. Secret Things
live at fishy pub (1998)
The extremely rare "live at fishy pub" CD was recorded, as the title suggests, live at fishy pub...
The included tracks continued Gavin's obsession with naming their songs after food.
This CD was released as an interim while a 2nd guitarist was found and tracks for the upcoming CD were written.

1. G-K
2. Superdog & the Vanishing Ice Cream
3. Silverheart
4. Bubblegum
5. Interlude
6. Jellybeans & Icecream
7. The Green Children
its not what it seems (1997)

1. Interlude
2. Jellybeans and Icecreams
3. Chocolate Fudge
4. The Green Children

Recorded, produced and mixed by Richard and Gavin at Frankston Audio Arthouse in a record 8 hours this limited edition cassette features the original "power-trio" line-up.
The first track, Interlude, was written by Adam Beasley, Trav and Gru when they were in the group Delerium.
The second track "Jellybeans and Icecreams" would reappear as "Jellybeans" on the "A Tale of Two Cities" EP.