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Thu, 6th Jan 2005
Gavin play a special reunion show with the original line-up! Should be a classic ;)
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Fri, 31st Oct 2003
The Hopetoun Hotel
Gavin support old pals Ruteger and also on the bill is DJ Foxymoron..

Thu, 9th Oct 2003
Gavin with Midnight Swim (Sydney) and Degrees K (NZ)
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Sat, 20th Sep 2003
The Fishy Pub
Gavin/The Cants (Single Launch)
Gavin in their first live performance in months, support The Cants at that favourite watering hole - The Fishy Pub!!! Saturday 20th September 2003.

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Fri, 28th Feb 2003
The Espy
Espy. Duffs last gig!!

Wed, 15th Jan 2003
Fishy Pub
Fish Creek

Sat, 28th Dec 2002
Fishy Pub
2 nights later.. Fish creek.. more grog.. all night! Drinking straight from the taps! Bug gig! w00t!

Thu, 26th Dec 2002
Inverloch Esplanade Hotel
A gig with the Cants.. on boxing day.. free grog.. a party afterwards.. a pie in a bun.. sleeping in the beddy.. getting hassled by the people at the pub the next day when we try to load out at 1pm.. oh yeah!

Sun, 15th Dec 2002
The Pony
The highlight of this gig was doing a reverse park in the beddy.. oh... and the pony have Mountain Goat on tap!!

Fri, 6th Dec 2002
Mirboo Nth Town Hall
Rockys first gig - in victorias rockingest tidy town - Mirboo Nth!

Thu, 21st Nov 2002
The Espy
The Espy

Wed, 20th Nov 2002
The Tote
The Tote

Sat, 28th Sep 2002
Fishy Pub

Thu, 26th Sep 2002
Armadale Hotel

Wed, 25th Sep 2002
Revolver Upstairs

Sat, 7th Sep 2002
Tarwin Lower Hotel

Sat, 31st Aug 2002
WheatSheef Hotel
Fucking Terang! Where the hell is this place? And why do the guys shit in garbage cans in Terang?

Thu, 29th Aug 2002
Wild Bills Saloon Bar
Wild Bills

Thu, 22nd Aug 2002
The Eagle Bar, Latrobe Uni
The Eagle Bar.
This was a pretty crazy gig. Lots of free grog. A small room. Loud music and finally Barney pissed as they come climbing the decorative trees in the pub and driving like a fucking maniac on the way home from Preston mackers after the gig.

Thu, 25th Jul 2002
The Espy Gershwin Room
The Espy

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