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"Head-Stands on Chairs"
Gig: Sat, 20th Sep 2003 - The Fishy Pub     Reviewed: Mon, 9th Dec 2002 by Anonymous Punter

20th September 2000
The Fishy Pub (with The Cants)

The new gavin formula..

There was talk of assorted country style gatherings such as weddings (pfft) and footy grand finals (pfft) going on in the regions surrounding the famed Fishy Pub in Fish Creek, the hub of the Sth. Gippsland hills, where punters from all over the world flock to see the nations finest live acts! (Ahhh, you thought they were coming to see Wilson’s Promontory, na.) But despite the adversity there was still a decent crew of drunken mayhemmers to cheer on the Gav’s.
The Gav boys were as primed as usual, but a little nervous for their first gig with the newly re-stacked line-up. It turns out that there was no need for the nerves ‘cos the show went without a bump and there was quite a few smiles below the Fishy haze. The only bump to speak of would be the new-comer, Samo, losing his capo in the middle of the capo laden Gavin set. But what was a headache for Samo turned out to be quite entertaining for the crowd and the rest of the band. The squeaky clean (dirty) Play to Lose was the weapon of choice for the opener and was the highlight of the gig. Some asses were a shakin’ from then on throughout the whole evening as The Cants delivered their set. Some interesting dancing from some mysterious fellows almost took the focus off the stage at one point when the now famous headstand (from a chair) occurred. Yes that’s right, absolutely loaded and still able to pump out the headstand on the chair.

Those in the know will tell you that when the lights go out at The Fishy Pub the fun really starts, well, Saturday night was no exception and the madness continued early into the morning with Gav from The Cants working those taps at the Fishy bar dry.

Some nicely manicured facial hair
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