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"The Readies, Gavin, The Impossible Cinema"
Gig: Thu, 6th Jan 2005 - Revolver     Reviewed: Wed, 6th Dec 2006 by

Thanks to all for a great gig at Revolver.
It was amazing to play together again and hopefully if luck is on our side,
it may happen again in the near future.

The following is a review by Neil Wedd from Indie Initiative

Inpress Indie Initiative review

January 6th 2005
Revolver (The Readies, Gavin,
The Impossible Cinema)

The year continues on a bright note for crowds at the Indie Initiative.
Fair enough it was a special night for Gavin as the band reformed for one show
to take advantage of members coming from the UK and North Queensland to play.

Gavin had the tribe gathered. The room was full and friends were catching up.
The guitarist came back from the UK for the gig, the bass player from North
Queensland, and the fans came from everywhere. Unfortunately the
singer was struggling with throat problems but still worked to produce his
trademark vocals. It still sounded great and the songs still snapped out.
Great pop/rock songs, reminiscent of You Am I, with guitars that meshed
together superbly. All the band were grinning and enjoying the show, really
no need for the singer to apologise for his voice. The crowd were
bopping along, but not many dancing, calling out and having a great time.
If the were still together you would think that they had a sound that could
succeed. Had the singers voice held up they would have played more and I
would have been happy for them to play plenty more. for
more details.

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