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"Its not what it seems.."

  • Recorded by Richard at Frankston Audio Arthouse 1996.
  • Produced & Mixed by Richard and Gavin.
  • Mastered for cassette by Dex Audio.
  • Duplicated by Matt at Dex Audio.
  • Released in 1996 and about 100 copies sold.
  • Cover art designed by Gru & reproduced by Kwik Kopy Printing Footscray.

If only I was a CD

Frankston Audio Arthouse is located, well, near Frankston somewhere, but not really... It was incredibly hard to get to unless you were Richard, who by sheer coincidence, lived and worked there. Four songs were recorded and mixed in 8 hours on some old 24 track desk and an 8 track reel to reel. Effects were limited except there was plenty of choice reverbs, which were applied to the vocal tracks in abundance, making them sound strangely similar to something you might find on any of your favourite 80's shlock rock records... All the tracks were recorded live, but the distorted guitar sounds were re-recorded and came from the same amazing unit the reverbs came from. The good old Marshall Valvestate and Yamaha Pacifica duo were a bit to scratchy back in those days for a real slick recording such as this, they may have actually sounded natural..

Little known facts..

  • All the cassette covers were hand cut with a pair of Crayola fluro scissors, possibly the green ones with the smooth edge...
  • Chocolate Fudge was originally titled "Swank", but was deemed to offensive as it was "your more risque magazine..."
  • The music for "Interlude" was written by Adam Beasley, Gru and Travis Bakos when they played in a band before gavin, called "Delerium".
  • The title of the Cassette came from the first line of lyrics in "Jellybeans and Ice-Creams". (What's this you say??!! No more funny stuff??!!)
  • The artwork for the cassette was stolen from a photography book, which happened to be also stolen, from the infamous Leongatha Secondary College.
The "Its Not What It Seems" Story...
Not being entirely content with their numerous home job 4 track recordings, gavin decided that it was time to pay some other shmuck to do what they couldn't quite achieve themselves. The studio choice was easy, if gavin's peers "thirstee?" personally endorsed Franston Audio Arthouse, what other studio could there possibly be that was worth recording at? The recording's main objective was to get the gavsters some gigs playing their own material at venues around Melbourne, and to hopefully bring them fame and fortune...(and women). Gigs they got, but the jewels, Crowns and Orgies came later, much, much later... (In fact we are still waiting..)
Those were the days...
Of course there was your odd bit of radio airplay at triple R and some Uni radio stations, but if I remember correctly, gavin broke the Melbourne scene with a show at the good old (now deceased) Nicholson Hotel, home to Melbourne's dirtiest live alternative scene. With Brett Van Hoorn on the dials there was no stopping the gavsters. They got the gig using the above mentioned cassette and became regulars at the venue for a good few weeks until the rock'n'roll lifestyle got to them, and they moved on to bigger and better things - the upper class "Old Colonial Hotel" on Brunswick Street.
Mingling with the rich and famous, gavin were mixed by many a celebrity sound guy, and also played a short residency here until they were barred from the hotel for playing too loud...
The grand old cassette also got them some top shows at the dirty "House of Fools" in Footscray where they performed on ground level, singing through a glorified home stereo/alias vocal PA system, with their back to most of the punters who were playing pool in the corner.
Somewhere around this time, gavin went back into hybernation playing "covers", saving money to fund their real rock dreams, and continued searching for that long lost fourth band member...

Check out that line-up!!

Wow! Spirit of Eve!!