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Get your copy of "Gavin"...
So how can you get your very own copy of "Gavin"? The answer my friend is complicated but a good place to start would be one of the following:

When we entered the studio to create the follow-up to A Tale of Two Cities the goal was to produce a CD that was closer to the Gavin live sound. Minimal use of overdubs, big drum sounds and just the 2 base guitar tracks where possible was the order of the day.
The chosen tracks were a collection of brand-spanking new (Play to Lose, Wednesday) and older favorites (Run Away, 3m33s, T). Some of these tracks had already been demoed at Pornlite in the past but we decided to do some pre-production a week or so before hand and recorded the tracks at Pornlite's new leafy location of Mt Waverly. This gave us the chance to finalise our parts so we could maximise our studio time (and minimise our costs :)

Following in other's footsteps has always been a hobby of ours, and when it comes to rock anthems you can't beat Motorace (well pre-"Carry on" anyway), so we decided to record with Craig Harnath at Hothouse in St Kilda (Ackland st, not gray st).
The recording was done over 3 days (with a one day break before mixing). It was a tense time -13hr days, greasy hamburgers, wierd coffee with ice-cream floating in it, strange tasting cigarettes, neighbour's stars and a dog named after a mixing desk all pushed us to the brink of sanity. And then 3hrs into the first day Pete snapped...
And who can blame him, that snare mic had been taunting him all day, clipped precariously on the edge of the drum as it was, mocking him with its expensiveness. Gavin are only human, after all folks...
So after a short recess while Craig tried to source a replacement mic we were back at it.
After his little hissy fit Pete managed to get it together and like a true warrior ripped out tracks to put the rest of us all to shame.


Chillin' on the Hot House couch...

Harno and the boys' pretend to do some work..

"When I grow up, I want to be just like Craig..."

Ummm, sorry about the microphone Harno, how much do I owe you??..

Harno didn't ask much for the replacement of his microphone...
  • Recorded at Hothouse Studios with Craig Harnath
  • Mastered by John Ruberto at Crystal Mastering
  • Artwork by Michelle Berry
  • Photo by Alissa Connan
  • Thanks to Finn for comic relief :)
  • And especially thanks to everyone who helped us, encouraged us, bought us drinks or even just hung around while we played even though it was obviously way too loud. We know who you are and hopefully you do too...